About Petra

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Petra Ratner

Petra Artworks represents the work of Petra Ratner, an artist working in Sarasota, Florida.

Through her art, Petra connects with the Divine, channeling inner truths and insights. The practice of yoga and meditation are an important part of her process. Meditation opens for her the mystical realms of the Primordial Cosmic Energy which find their expressions in her paintings. The vibrations of the Universe are the colors, patterns, and spirals in Petra’s art, invoking states of higher consciousness and connectivity between us all.

Petra also uses her art to convey healing energy for both the spirit and body. “You look into it and slowly all your negative thoughts are going away. Let go, relax and let my art take you on a journey to your true inner self,” she says.

When not painting, Petra is a film and events producer. She was born in Prague, Czech Republic.

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